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Why Your Small Group Instruction Doesn’t Work!


Guided Reading, Reader’s Workshop, and Math Workshop have narrowed teachers’ understanding of why small group instruction is necessary. These three instructional strategies use small group instruction to deliver math or reading instruction to students, which may lead many teachers to believe that they are interventions for students. Using small group instruction to close achievement gaps was introduced as Response to Intervention in 2004 within the re-authorization of the Individuals with … Read More →

3 Benefits of Small Group Instruction in the Math Classroom


Teachers and administrators often confuse workstations and small group instruction.  Workstations are where students complete independent activities and is NOT a part of Response to Intervention. Most supporters of workstations would argue that workstations help students learn. Contrary to these beliefs there’s not any research that says that using workstations with small group increases student achievement. If you’ve never had your students in workstations no worries, as long as small … Read More →