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Can Plickers Help You to Increase Student Achievement?


I often wonder why administrators put so much emphasis on lesson plans. Truth be told my lesson plans never reflect exactly what I’m teaching, because most of the time more than sixty percent of my students are working below grade level. Lesson plans become less important especially during dreadful test prep time prior to testing. Getting students prepared for testing can be a stressful time for teachers. Since teachers are … Read More →

5 Steps for Getting Started with Google Classroom in a High Poverty Classroom

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Technology integration for high poverty schools is a luxury for most teachers. The teachers either have some outdated technology or none at all. As a math teacher integrating technology honestly was not a priority until after an intense conversation with my son about 3 years ago. He was so disappointed because he felt like school had not prepared him for real life. Our conversation really bothered be so much that … Read More →