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I help math teachers who teach either special education and 504 students, or below grade level learners. These teachers love their students but may not have the instructional to increase their achievement levels.

They generally try all of the cute ideas that the school district personnel provides for them. Only to realize later that the students showed minimal academic progress.

"Providing an equitable education for all students. My students feel like because they live in an impoverished neighborhood they shouldn’t have access to a high quality education. Zip codes shouldn’t determine what kind of education a student receives."

Our Mission

IgnitED’s mission is to provide a support system for urban teachers that equips them with real classroom solutions. IgnitED strives to keep qualified urban teachers in the classroom by providing a system of support through off campus professional development and lesson plans that are designed to meet the needs of the urban student.

Our Story

IgnitED was founded by Michelle Williams, a veteran public school educator, who saw a need for quality professional development and educational resources that were designed specifically for urban educators. After 15 years of receiving professional development training and buying educational resources that could not be implemented in her classroom, Michelle decided to start Creative Educational Concepts. In December 2013, Creative Educational Concepts was re-branded as IgnitED.

IgnitED reflects Michelle’s passion for educating striving learners and urban students. The company’s professional development sessions and lesson plans are engaging, student centered, and designed to meet the needs of educators who teach the most challenging students.

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