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Reframing Deficit Thinking With Project Based Learning

When I left elementary school last school year to move to the high school in our feeder pattern, I knew that it was going to be a challenge. High school students are not only different from my fifth graders but the teacher’s approach to teaching and learning, in my opinion, is only content driven. Nothing else seems to matter much. I’m no stranger to working at schools that have been … Read More →

Making Project Based Learning Accessible to ALL Learners

Two years ago I attended a school district workshop on Implementing Project Based Learning. The two presenters were educators from the more affluent part of our school district but that didn’t matter to me. Although the presenters and I didn’t teach the same demographic of students I still stayed for the entire presentation. The information and resources they provided during their session was phenomenal! When I left the session I … Read More →

How to Actually Teach During Test Preparation

This year I decided that I wasn’t going to test prep my students to death by making them do endless amounts of math word problems during every class period. And yes, I do question whether or not this will be an epic failure. But I have to keep reminding myself that I went through the same thought process when I decided to transition from a 100% paper based classroom to … Read More →

How to Scaffold Project Based Learning Implementation

Every time I stand in front of my students my goal is expose my students to different instructional methods so that they will able to compete with students in and outside of our district. I have always wanted to implement Project Based Learning but never had the opportunity to do so until last year. So during the summer I attended a session on PBL at a conference in my school … Read More →