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Hurricane Harvey: Who Will Care for the Teachers? (Part 2)


It’s been almost 6 months since Hurricane Harvey’s torrential rains flooded Houston. Life has not been the same since the 40-50 foot Pine Tree fell on my house. One would think that in 6 months my life would be back to normal. Nope! I moved into a duplex and slept on an air mattress for 3 months. Then I hotel hopped for 2 weeks before I decided that I couldn’t … Read More →

Hurricane Harvey: Who Will Care For the Teachers?

who will care for the teachers 4

Tuesday morning was just like any morning except on this particular Tuesday morning Hurricane Harvey had made landfall on the the coast of Texas. After a night of pouring rain I went outside to make sure that the trenches that my son and I dug to help the water drain were working. After being outside for a while I immediately noticed that the there were huge gusts of wind. I … Read More →

Are Teacher Evaluations a Waste of Time?

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The part of the school year that I absolutely without a doubt loathe is evaluation time. It seems as if my anticipation of it every year gets worse and worse. I’m not saying that I don’t need to be evaluated, but when I find out who is evaluating me is when I always tend to look and….SMH. During my 15 years of experience I have had all kinds of evaluations … Read More →

The Disappearance of the Veteran Teacher in Urban Schools

Teacher in Classroom

As I enter my 15th year of education, I have found myself in an unfamiliar role. This role is an unfamiliar one because I can remember not so long ago teaching first grade and being mentored by a veteran teacher. As I prepare to end another school year I have suddenly realized that I am now that veteran teacher who guides and mentors other teachers. ┬áThe thought of transitioning into … Read More →