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What Does The Pledge of Allegiance Mean?

The pledge

The pledge of allegiance is and always will be a controversial topic. With the increasing focus on inclusiveness based on linguistics, race, gender, and religion trying to find a balance can sometimes be difficult for advocates on both sides of the aisle. The end of the school year is a stressful time for teacher because we have so much to do. It’s not unusual for teachers to bump heads at … Read More →

To Know My History is to Know Me


 My classroom is a safe space for students to pretty much talk about anything. Last week as the students walked into the classroom they were talking about what subjects that they liked. I didn’t really pay much attention to the conversation until Julia looked at me and said, “I like Social Studies and I’m really good at it.” I smiled and nodded in agreement. Shortly after Julia made her statement … Read More →

Propaganda: Data Doesn’t Lie; People Do!

data doesntl lie 1

It has been 3 months since the election. After Donald Trump officially became the  President my students have tried to discuss the election, however every single time they brought up the topic I would stop the conversation. I wasn’t trying to be mean but I wasn’t ready. I teach at an urban school and I knew that the conversation was going to be intense. When the students wanted to discuss … Read More →

Self-Efficacy- Should it Matter in Urban Education?


After a less than stellar school year last year I wanted come back with a vengeance! I came back this school year ready to use culturally responsive teaching in my classroom. I had decided that I was going to introduce my students to mathematicians that looked like them! Armed with my new teaching tool, I began to search the Internet for famous mathematicians. This search lead me to conclusion that … Read More →

Culturally Responsive Teaching: Can Students See Themselves in Your Lessons?


I can remember like it was yesterday having a conversation with a young, motivated, and passionate former journalist turned 8th grade ELA teacher about how the TAP Master Teacher did not agree with her choice of activities and selected readings that she had chosen for her students. The teacher said that TAP Master Teacher (who was white) had convinced the principal ( who was black) that she needed to expose … Read More →