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The New Face of an “Ineffective Teacher”


After the debacle I had last year I returned from summer vacation with something to prove. Little did I know my administrator was thinking the same thing. Not in a good way. I’m a firm believer that a persons actions always speak louder than their words. My principal’s actions were saying a whole lot! So, it was no surprise when I was called into his office and was told that … Read More →

Will Public Schools Survive the Era of School Choice?


Yesterday Betsy DeVos was tapped as the Secretary of Education by the Trump administration. Tonight many educators in traditional public schools are cringing and bracing for the worst because DeVos is known in Michigan for her support of school vouchers and charter schools. The charter school topic can be a very controversial among educators, especially when it comes to discussing funding. For decades the public school system has enjoyed a … Read More →

Classroom Management: The Power of Making Connections

Interactive notebooks-lawson (1)

This week I had the opportunity to work with the teachers at Lawson Academy. The teachers at Lawson Academy are young and eager to learn. The first day I introduced the teachers to classroom management strategies. My approach to classroom management includes making connections with your students. These connections are relationships that are connections that are made outside of the academic arena. For example, throughout the school year I make … Read More →

Professional Development: The Experienced Teacher’s Nightmare

professional development

On Sunday nights at 8 pm most of the time you can find me on Twitter participating in the #txeduchat. I always look forward to this Twitter Chat because I get to share ideas with like minded educators. Last night’s chat was particularly interesting because the topic was All Things Professional Development. Professional development or professional learning or whatever you want to call it is a topic that will most … Read More →

3 Kinds of Teachers- Which is Better?


I am a traditional teacher. I majored in education and graduated with a degree in elementary education and then went on to get an advanced degree in curriculum, instruction, and technology. In my 15 years in education I have seen so many changes that I can hardly keep up with all of them. When I first began to teach in August of 2000 there was a huge shortage of teachers. … Read More →

The Disappearance of the Veteran Teacher in Urban Schools

Teacher in Classroom

As I enter my 15th year of education, I have found myself in an unfamiliar role. This role is an unfamiliar one because I can remember not so long ago teaching first grade and being mentored by a veteran teacher. As I prepare to end another school year I have suddenly realized that I am now that veteran teacher who guides and mentors other teachers. ┬áThe thought of transitioning into … Read More →

Teaching is NOT a Cookie Cutting Process!


I am in my 14th year of teaching and I have seen a lot of things come and go. This school year has been different for me because I have been doing a lot of reflecting on how I teach different concepts. During this process I have come to several conclusions but I will only share one of them. The first conclusion that I came to is implementing the school … Read More →

Teaching Tip: Front Loading Instruction

Many states and school districts have made the transition to the Common Core State Standards and some school districts, such as the one that I work for began to fully implement the new standards this year. This has caused educators such as me to search for ways to implement these standards to students who have already had instruction that does not support conceptual understanding of mathematics. I have found that … Read More →