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We the People….

The day after the election saying that I was depressed is an understatement. One would think that I was depressed because Donald Trump won but that would be the furthest from the truth. I was so depressed because I dreaded going to work the day after the election to face my students. I work at a predominantly Hispanic school and I knew how hurt they would be if Donald Trump won the election.

I wanted to take the day off but I decided to go to work instead. The students lined up in the hallway as usual but as they walked into the classroom the first name that came out of their mouths was Donald Trump. I stood in front of the classroom but I could not find the words to say, so I told the students let’s not talk about it.


Ever since that day we have yet  to discus Donald Trump or the election. I’m sure I’m like most teachers who would rather tap dance around the topic instead of telling the students to disregard the things that our now president said about them and their families he’s our president.

It has been a week since our president has taken office and I have been feeling hopeless. For most people Facebook book has been a source of information and encouragement from like-minded people like myself. As I scrolled down my timeline I felt like I  needed to find something to help me counter the hatefulness that my students see on television every day.  As fate would have it a Theodore Roosevelt meme showed up on my Facebook timeline. As I read the first line of the meme I was reminded why America was created. Even though there have been hateful things said about my students and me we are still Americans. For the first time since the election I felt empowered.


Patriotism is defined by Merriam-Webster as love for or devotion to one’s country. Even though our current President’s has gone against everything that America represents this is still our country. I used to be proud to live in America and want that feeling back!  So as a proud American public school teacher I have made the commitment to empower my students by teaching them about patriotism and believing in America’s promise to ALL of its citizens.


Welcome to the initial post of the 3 E’s Blogging Collaborative. On the last weekend of each month, my fellow educators and I will be telling our classroom stories about our explorations of empathy, empowerment, and equity with our students. It is our mission to explore these topics together, but also to provide FREE ideas and materials for others wishing to do the same. We hope to build a bank of materials and ideas to support these classroom endeavors. We also hope you’ll be stopping by again to engage in the conversation. Check out the other members of the collaborative below to continue this month’s conversation and benefit from even more resources.

3 thoughts on “We the People….”

  1. Hi Michelle,

    This is a wonderful post. I cannot imagine teaching a prediminately hispanic class of students before, during, and even after this election. The talk of building this wall is disheartening to me. My husband and I have had conversations about this multiple times over the past few weeks, and we do not understand how this is a solution to the job issues and violence issues we have in the country. Even though the history of this country goes further back than the immigrant who is given credit for founding it, without immigration, the make-up of this country would not exist! I appreciate you talking to your students and in a sense, keeping it real with them. I can truly see how you and learn from you how to build equity, empower students, empathize with them all. I so appreciate the value of this post.

  2. Today has been one of those days when I close my eyes and ask for the words. We’re currently reading a new novel called “Between the Lines” about civil rights. Aligning the novel to what is happening in the current events of our country is challenging, but necessary. So, I truly understand and applaud the conversations you are having.

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