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Model Drawing……Help!

Like many teachers across the nation who are implementing the math Common Core State Standards, I have been introduced to Singapore math and model drawing or tape diagrams. Prior to implementing the CCSS I had not heard of model drawing. This year our district has decided to follow Engage NY lesson to support our implementation of the math Common Core Standards. As a math teacher who supports conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts I absolutely love Engage NY, however on the other side of the coin my 4th grade students have not been taught this way of thinking or learning mathematics.

Professional Development

This summer our district offered professional development through the math and science project where I was formally introduced to model drawing or tape diagrams. As a teacher I felt like I was beneath the learning curve because I knew I wasn’t proficient with teaching this to students. So, I did like many teachers do and started researching and buying books to help me with model drawing. First I purchased Singapore Math Practice by Frank Schaffer. This helped but I felt like I need a step by step approach to learning this way of problem solving. Next, I purchased Elementary Mathematics for Teacher which also is helpful book but did not increase my knowledge base about model drawing. Yesterday while I was at the local teacher supply store I saw a book that I a trainer had at a training that I attended last month it was Step-by-Step Model Drawing. I picked up the book and began to read through the book aha! it was just what I needed.

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Step-by-Step Model Drawing targets American teachers who are implementing Singapore math. It provides a step by step approach to solving problems with model drawing and a guided conversation for each problem so that teachers convey the appropriate thinking and procedures needed for the problems.


I’m so glad that I found this book because it will make implementing model drawing a lot easier and give me a guide to follow when solving problems with each of the four operations.

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