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Text Connections and the Struggling Reader


  Teaching students to comprehend complex text can be a daunting task. Many teachers do not realize that students must be able to engage with the text in order for the students to comprehend the information in the text. Struggling readers find it especially difficult to connect to a text because they lack the background information, vocabulary, and the necessary comprehension strategies that would enable text engagement. Explicitly teaching students … Read More →

Finding the Right Intervention for Your Struggling Learners

formative assessment

At the beginning of the year school districts administer baseline test, reading inventories and other test to gauge where students are academically. As a teacher I can appreciate all of the baseline testing at the beginning of the year because it gives me a general idea of where I should or shouldn’t begin instruction. This is rather easy for me as a veteran teacher who has taught above and below … Read More →

Teaching Inverse Operations to Challenging Learners


Last weekend I was looking ahead at the math skills that I had to teach my 3rd graders and based on what I saw I had to teach them how recognize that multiplication and division were inverses of one another. So, yesterday I was teaching teaching my students how to subtract 2 digit numbers with regrouping using a place value chart while teaching my lesson I had an AHA! moment. … Read More →

Explicit Teaching and Struggling Learners


This week I have been teaching rounding to the nearest 10 and 100 using friendly numbers and a number line. I began my lesson with the description of a friendly numbers using the bubble map. This cemented the student’s understanding of a  friendly number and gave them a working definition of what a friendly number looks like and why we use friendly numbers. After introducing the vocabulary for the lesson … Read More →

Classroom Management 101: Finding Your Management Personality


The school year is in full swing! The students have begun to settle into routines and the now your little darlings have begun to relax and really be themselves!!  All of a sudden your classroom reminds you of the classroom scene in Sister Act. The students are talking and no one is listening except for a hand full of children. You leave work tired and frustrated. At this point you … Read More →

Using Number Discs to Teach Place Value

10 tens

With the implementation of the math Common Core Standards there have been a numerous changes in the choice of manipulatives that are used to teach the age old concept, place value. In second and fourth grades place value is major topic that is taught to students in these grades. Before students reach second grade the foundation is set in 1st grade because students are taught base ten strategies. These base … Read More →

Using the Make a Ten Strategy to Add

ten frame practice

This year I am teaching 3rd grade and our first unit is Adding and Subtracting to 1,000. So, I began this school year with reviewing ten frames and numbers bonds. I tried to begin with number sentences to make a ten but I quickly realized that most of the students were not fluent with the numbers that could be added together to make a ten. I made the decision to … Read More →

Literacy in Mathematics

math literacy

I found it very interesting when I taught middle school and I had a principal who has never taught mathematics evaluate me. Every time I would have my evaluation there were basically two responses: the lesson was great or the lesson needed improvement. Both responses sometimes always showed that my evaluators did not understand the language of mathematics. I’ve realized that educators that do not teach mathematics do not understand … Read More →

The 5 Essential Components of Reading and the Struggling Reader

components of reading

Most people do not know that I began my teaching career as a 1st grade teacher. After 15 years of teaching many know me as the math teacher. Yes, I love mathematics but the longer I teach I have realized that my reading background has helped me with teaching mathematics to my students. When I lived in Houston I did not encounter as many non proficient  readers, so my reading … Read More →

Work Stations a Help or a Hindrance to Teaching Problem Solving in Upper Elementary?


During the summer it is normal to finding me knee deep in reading educational books that will help me in area that I felt like I needed some fine tuning. Well, this summer I read Smarter Together! Collaboration and Equity in the Elementary Math Classroom a book I bought at the NCTM conference in New Orleans. This book was a real eye-opener because last school year left me feeling like … Read More →