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3 Ways Explain Everything Can Help You to Create Your Online Math Lessons

After many failed attempts at creating whiteboard videos, I came across a YouTube video of a math teacher who was teaching her lesson using a platform that I had never seen before. Lucky for me, the name of the platform was in the description of the video; with great enthusiasm I searched on Google for this new platform called Explain Everything. 

When I finally found the platform and saw all that it could do, I purchased a three-year subscription and the rest is history. Purchasing Explain Everything was a game changer for my flipped classroom because it assisted me with creating my online math lessons.

Pre-recorded Videos

Explain Everything is excellent for creating pre-recorded videos for lessons. In my Converting Fractions video, you can see how you can use the platform to help you to integrate pre-recorded videos into your online learning instruction.

Math Equations and Graphics

I’ve been a part of the community for math educators for quite some time. There are very few platforms that I really like for either a supplement or as an edtech platform for teaching math. Unlike many edtech programs, Explain Everything is math friendly.

You can create fractions, exponents, radicals, logarithms and so much more. This is different from other platforms because they tend target text-based subjects like reading and science.

In addition to being able to create equations, you can add any kind of graph that you could think of to your projects. Your graphics can be uploaded from cloud storage sites like Dropbox.

Easy Recording and Export of Videos 

I create videos quite often. If you’re not use to the process and the amount of time it takes to create and upload a video, then it can be overwhelming. With Explain Everything you can record and export your videos from the platform. 

There is no need for an external microphone. As long as you’re in a quiet room, the audio on your video will be perfect. To be quite honest, when recording the program is so sensitive that it will even pick up the wind from your air conditioner. You have to make sure that you are in a space where it’s absolutely quiet. Shhhhhhhhhh!

Teaching math has several moving parts. Trying to teach math online to students who may not be proficient with the prerequisite skills can be a recipe for disaster. Using Explain Everything to create your pre-recorded video can make teaching online a little bit more manageable for you and your students.

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